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  • Whispers of Confidence

    Whispers of Confidence

    On the day I took the role of “Table Topic Master” for the first time, I was doubtful of my performance. Even after the meeting ended, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of uncertainty. However, I remembered the reassuring words of Shakira “….Don’t beat yourself up, no need to run so fast Sometimes we come…

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  • Speak up, even if your voice shakes

    Speak up, even if your voice shakes

    By Gv. Methni Prabhashwari As an introvert, public speaking is not my cup of tea. The thought of getting in front of people and having to speak on a topic is uneasy for me. I am definitely not the type of person who enjoys being the center of attention and having all eyes on me.…

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  • “A glitch in the Matrix”

    “A glitch in the Matrix”

    By Gv. Malka Kariyawasam Have you ever felt that your life is so monotonous that you are living in a pre-programmed environment like they show in 1999 movie “The Matrix”? The movie shows a future world where humans are kept captive by artificially intelligent machines, by plugging cables to their brains to control the mind.…

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  • Origami paper

    Origami paper

    By Gv. Hamna Marikkar How remarkable is it that a mere sheet of paper and some methodical folding can become something so delightful? I folded my last paper crane and placed it beside my six others. This one was a striking shade of blue with intricate traditional artwork encompassing the sheet. The Japanese folk legend…

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  • Never miss a unique chance

    Never miss a unique chance

    By Gv. Virasha Godakanda At the beginning of my undergraduate life, I was a complete stranger to Gavel.  But I had a vast interest in joining clubs and societies at the university.  Throughout that inquiry, luckily, my very first attempt was Gavel. When I participated in the first meeting of my Gavel life, I felt…

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  • The Best Way to Light the Future

    The Best Way to Light the Future

    By Gv. Nisani Hansika Just after stepping into the university, I was able to join the Gavel Club. It has broken the boundaries of a club, because it always keeps a tight-knit bond between all the gaveliors. At the beginning, the Gavel experience felt like an unknown thing. Educational meetings were conducted in English, but…

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  • “An eminent chapter from my gavel journey”

    “An eminent chapter from my gavel journey”

    By Gv. Abdullah Nawas Gavel is where leaders are made, let me share an experience that gavel offered me, which is worth a lifetime. It’s none other than the Gavel Conference 2022! I was lucky enough to be chosen as a co-chair for the Gavel Conference 2022 along with Verosha Abeygoonewardhena from the University of…

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  • Growing Old Together, Our 8th Anniversary

    Growing Old Together, Our 8th Anniversary

    Gv. Peshala Prabhapoorna As a newbie Gavelier, one of the things that most of us look forward to is our first physical meeting, and it’s extra special when your first meeting is the 8th anniversary of the club. I was even more excited about the upcoming meeting because I was invited to be a part…

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  • On completion of the CC or how I learned to stop worrying and JUST DO IT!

    On completion of the CC or how I learned to stop worrying and JUST DO IT!

    Gv. Ravindu Ranatilake Hello there, ladies and gentlemen, what a quaint place to meet someone. Please don’t mind me, this old man is just here to nag you about the good ol’ times when Covid was still an experiment in Chinese labs, no wait, Tharushie edit that out. Anyway, I have the dubious honor of…

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  • Zero to somewhere- My Gavel journey so far…

    Zero to somewhere- My Gavel journey so far…

    By Gv. Peshala Prabhapoorna Almost all of the regrets in my life are about things that I didn’t do, or opportunities that I let slip through my fingers. So, whenever I find myself having to make a decision between doing or not doing something significant, I keep chanting to myself ‘take the leap, worry about…

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