“An eminent chapter from my gavel journey”

By Gv. Abdullah Nawas

Gavel is where leaders are made, let me share an experience that gavel offered me, which is worth a lifetime. It’s none other than the Gavel Conference 2022!

I was lucky enough to be chosen as a co-chair for the Gavel Conference 2022 along with Verosha Abeygoonewardhena from the University of Kelaniya Gavel Club following an interview. The conference was held on November 5th and 6th, at Seven Says Reception Hall in Veyangoda, under the theme, “Limitless Dreamers, Together Towards Tomorrow.”

The responsibilities were given to me and Verosha, in mid-June. We officially started working on the conference by the first week of August. My organizing committee (OC) was made up of 72 members, which were divided into five teams: events, delegates, marketing, finance, and logistics. For each team, two co-team heads were appointed. My fellow Ruhuna Gaveliers, Gv. Dilushi and Gv. Tharushie, had the honor of being team heads of the delegates and events teams, respectively.

Ruhuna Gavel had a mass representation as many of its members like Gv. Chinthani, Gv. Madushi, Gv. Rusith, Gv. Hansani and Gv. Ameesha were part of the OC and were some of the pillars behind our success.

We were guided by Association of Gavel Clubs Sri Lanka (AGCSL) executives Gv. Praveen, Gv. Uthsara, Gv. Sakuni, and, most importantly, our own, the man, the myth, the legend Gv. Aadhil! He co-chaired the conference in 2021 and through his experience, he guided me from my very first day.

This project consisted of three phases: a workshop series, All Island Best Gavel Speaker (AIBGS) semi-finals, and the conference itself.

One important event of the conference was the semi-finals of the AIBGS contest, which was held at University of Kelaniya on October 8th and 9th, 2022. The AIBGS is a highly anticipated event among Gavel Clubs of Sri Lanka and is a great opportunity for members to showcase their skills and knowledge.

The conference, which was held over a span of two days, consisted of many interesting and fun events, valuable experience-sharing speeches by Mr. Chevaan Daniel, the executive director of Capital Maharaja, and Captain Elmo Jayawardana, a retired pilot, book author, and founder and director of the CandleAid Charity organization. To make this event a chill and a fun place to showcase talent, we also hosted “Gavels’ Got Talent” where we witnessed the amazing talents of our delegates, and finally, the finals of the AIBGS contest.

In addition to the fun and inspiring stories, I gained numerous valuable experiences. These included being on the interview board to choose my team, organizing workshops, organizing the greatest contest among Gavel Clubs, the opportunity to interact with celebrities, entrepreneurs, and friends from Gavel Clubs across the country, seeking sponsorship, and finally organizing such a grand event.

The journey over five months was filled with ups and downs. Organizing such a grand event amidst an economic crisis in the country challenged us in all aspects, including finance, logistics, and delegates. But we faced each challenge with grace. It was only possible because of the dedication and support I received from my team heads and team members. I desperately want to thank them all on all the platforms I write about Gavel Con.

The entire OC worked as a family made up of members from several state universities, private universities, and school Gavel clubs. We made new friends and memories that we can cherish for years to come.

In short, I would say it was an amazing experience that Gavel could ever offer me. I would like to extend my gratitude to the Ruhuna Gavel and its executive committee for the years 2021/22 for nominating me to claim this opportunity.

Gavel never stops providing opportunities and finally long live Gavel!

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