On completion of the CC or how I learned to stop worrying and JUST DO IT!

Gv. Ravindu Ranatilake

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen, what a quaint place to meet someone. Please don’t mind me, this old man is just here to nag you about the good ol’ times when Covid was still an experiment in Chinese labs, no wait, Tharushie edit that out.

Anyway, I have the dubious honor of completing the CC projects for the first time in Ruhuna Gavel history. It’s quite dubious since I expected the more enthusiastic younger generation to overtake me, even though I had the honour of starting the CC speeches in UOR Gavel.

All the jokes aside, I could tell you about a million things I learned through this journey, but more importantly than that, I learned a lot about myself as a person. I learned how much I value my friends, how much I respected people who could hold to their values despite any adversities, I learned how I could never get things done unless I stopped thinking and jumped into it headfirst.

I learned that I actually am still scared of public speaking, despite these 10 speeches. But I love the rush of speaking my mind a whole lot more. When your blood is rushing to your head and all you can hear is your heartbeat. your knees weak arms are heavy, there’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti….. sorry about that.

Now that you’re sufficiently entertained, let me stop here with a final message, like the cool grandpa that I am. (Tharushie edit in a sunglass on the pic you’re gonna use, kay?)

Don’t think about it. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is yet to come. So sometimes you just need to live in the moment and


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