Achieving the skills needed for effective communication is a hefty process. It is quite rare for that to be achieved overnight, and we in this light, consider the constant practice of what we try to achieve is of utmost importance. For, this purpose, we conduct weekly education meetings.

The meetings are held during free time to all students, so that members from all faculties, all departments and all levels of the university can take part without any hassle; fluency in English is NOT a requirement to join.

The meetings are held adhering as much as possible to the typical Toastmasters’ Meeting Agenda. We conduct Round-Robin session to warm up the speakers at the beginning.

The most important speakers, i.e. prepared speakers are given the stage next before we move on to the Table Topics (impromptu) session. We quite often see the table topics sessions become a much enjoyed time of the meeting with almost all the attendants taking their chances to speak. And we have seen often how the members improve themselves in the continuation of this process. Also, all the members are evaluated within the meeting to ensure continuous development of our members.

At Gavel, creativity has no limit. You are free to express all your inventive, inspirational, and productive ideas to an audience that believes in revolution. Whether you are fluent in speech or not, Gavel is always open to you. Your passion for speech is all that matters. Gavel will recognize the diamond in you and help you realize it.