The Best Way to Light the Future

By Gv. Nisani Hansika

Just after stepping into the university, I was able to join the Gavel Club. It has broken the boundaries of a club, because it always keeps a tight-knit bond between all the gaveliors. At the beginning, the Gavel experience felt like an unknown thing. Educational meetings were conducted in English, but I only got the meaning of a small percentage of them. I heard so many new words that I had never heard before. Round robin master, table topic master, grammarian, ah counter are such words. However, I joined meetings with high curiosity because I needed to know what was going on there. My mother’s encouragement also became a reason to stay with my gaveliors. I saw the English fluency of our senior gaveliors.

I always tend to participate in gavel meetings because I have a dire need to improve my public speaking skills. I think this is the best platform to achieve that goal. Also, it is very interesting to maintain friendships with senior sisters and brothers of different faculties. Gavel meetings avoid the unimportant topics like politics, religion, and sex. That is the specialty of this club. I also like to hear about the experiences of other gaveliors. 

I found it challenging to speak in front of a crowd. But now I believe that I can do it because “nothing is impossible.” Now I feel that there is a relationship between me and the gavel club. There are so many gaveliors in the gavel club, and “we all are one.”

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