‘When South met West in Gavel’ – The Joint Meeting of UoR & UoK

By Gv. Samadhi Alawatte

“It’s an insane world, but in it, there’s one sanity, the loyalty of old friends”

Ruhuna Gavel made a new friend in UoK Gavel on the 29th of August as they met each other in an entertaining Joint Gavel Meeting. Yes, entertaining, it was just fun for all those who attended from the beginning till the end.

Upon the invitation of the University of Kelaniya Gavel Club, we the gaveliers of Ruhuna got to experience a Joint Gavel Meeting for the very first time in our gavel journeys and it was a massive success by all means.

‘It was the very first joint gavel meeting for us!’. Maybe that itself was a good enough reason for us to say that the meeting was so exciting, but no, the meeting was far better in so many ways than just for that reason.

The Toastmaster of the Day, Gv. Verosha from UoK, started off the meeting by reawakening some good memories of some iconic friendships from popular movies. That was the moment I realized how awesome this meeting is going to be.

Just like how we started the meeting by trying out the tongue twister introduced by the TMOD, I would like to ask you also to give it a try – “PAD KID POURED CURD PULLED COD“. Try reading this fast thrice. Imagine saying this in the meeting, I mean how awesome would that be.

The attendance for the meeting was very high, nearly 150, probably equal numbers from both the clubs. The roles were divided equally among the two clubs and everyone who did a role made sure to maintain a smooth flow as I didn’t even realize that the meeting was going for two full hours.

Out of the sessions we had, which were all interesting and interactive, I enjoyed the round-robin session the most. We all spoke about what friendship meant for us.

I wasn’t surprised seeing the haste of the volunteers to speak at the Table Topic session, as all topics were about friendship and who wouldn’t want to talk about it, the most valuable relationship a person can have.

Following the evaluation session, where we saw Ruhuna evaluators evaluating the speakers of Kelaniya and vice-versa (‘vice-versa’ was the word of the day by the way – would appreciate a clap for me for using it here) we had an informal session. Someone would think a noun and others had to ask him/her random questions and guess what he/she had thought. That was such a fitting end for a meeting filled with fun, entertainment, good memories and also a lot of new things to learn.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who put in their fullest effort to make this meeting a tremendous success and for giving us an opportunity to make new friends.

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find and lucky to have. Gavel is the best place to make a friend and to be a good friend. May this success fuel many more such ventures.

Cheers to the long-lasting friendship of the Gavel Clubs of UoR and UoK.

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