Ruhuna Gavel’s very own Deathly Hallows, “The 3 Shi’s”

Gv. Tharushie Karunatilleke

It was a normal Sunday morning. As far as most Sundays goes, you end up wasting almost the entire day. I was not an exception. On this particular Sunday, I happened to waste my time by scrolling through my Instagram stories when something very particular caught my eye. It was the teaser for the 20th anniversary Harry Potter reunion! And it has taken the world by storm!

With that I had my light bulb moment. “We should do a Harry Potter Themed meeting!” Those were the words echoing through my mind. At that moment I decided to message our VP Education, Gv. Ravindu. Even though the themed meeting was not given the green light yet, I was already making plans inside my head! That’s how much excited I was!

Without a doubt, Gv Ravindu was onboard with the idea, but to my surprise he tasked me with organizing it! I am no VP Education! I don’t get out of this world table topic ideas! How am I going to organize it to meet the “Ravindu Standard”! Thankfully, I was able to incorporate the help of two committed and creative Gaveliers. They are non-other than Gv. Dilushi and Gv. Madushi. Thus, it was the beginning of another amazing trio, Ruhuna Gavel’s very own Deathly Hallows, the three ‘shi’s’ (as dubbed by the VP Education himself)

We wanted to make it a one-of-a-kind theme meeting, with new additions along with the usual agenda. Thus, in true Harry Potter style we incorporated a mystery for the attendees to solve. The clues were revealed at the end of the RR session, CC speech and each and every table topic. It sure did keep our Gaveliers on edge. We also incorporated costumes and asked the role players to get into character. In true gavel fashion our role players were ready to go above and beyond. As a result, we had the most amazing costumes we have ever seen during a meeting. Not only the role players, the attendees themselves got into character which was the icing on the cake.

The 3 shi’s would not have been successful in pulling this off without the help of  Gv. Nethma, Gv. Sethmi, Gv. Kapilan and Gv. Abdullah. Their undivided support until the very last minute was the secret behind the tremendous success of this meeting. I am forever grateful to work with a team who are willing to bring my crazy ideas into life. The Harry Potter themed meeting came to its glorious end with over 20 participants in attendance. With that, the 3 Shi’s are signing out until one of us comes up with a crazy idea for a theme meeting! Till next time my friends!

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