“The best feedback is when you feed it back into you.” – ‘APPRAISA 2021’

By Gv. Kiruciga Mahendraraj

Along the series of speech workshops organized by the Gavel Club of University of Ruhuna; ‘Appraisa 2021’, a tremendous masterstroke ignited on the 8th of August.

The preceding updates including flyers and promotional videos were made by the graphic designers, video editors and content writers of our Gavel Club Media Team & were shared via email, WhatsApp and Facebook. Also, a WhatsApp group was created to gather all the participants and to keep them updated.

The event commenced at 4.00 p.m, with a splash-making introduction by Gv. Chinthani Wijeratne, which made a grab-on platform for the upcoming speech evaluators and public speakers.

Many enthusiasts attended including our gaveliers, non- gaveliers and some even not from the University of Ruhuna.

The keystone of the day, TM Arshad Uzman proceeded with an eye-opening idea of what an evaluation is and then continued with the CRC method, a vital mode of delivering the evaluation by appreciating the courage & strength of the speaker, continued by giving suggestions eventually an overall note on the speech. This way got clipped instantly as it’s not only suggesting but also encouraging the speaker. The entire session was very interactive, precise to the point and easy to grab.

There’s no doubt that this workshop has concreted the aura of our attendees by uplifting their evaluation skills. On the other hand, we wholeheartedly thank those who eagerly supported this event, especially TM Arshad Uzman, and those who supported us to organize; Prof. Kanthi Yapa of University of Ruhuna and the active Gaveliers, media unit and all the participants.

I strongly believe that this could lay a firm foundation and be an impression for our upcoming treasures.

Learners need endless feedback more than endless teaching…


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  1. Chinthani Wijeratne Avatar
    Chinthani Wijeratne

    Great one Kiruciga! ❤️

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